Friends of The Workforce & Technology Center

The Joseph J. Mucha Award

Outstanding Achievement as a Business Operator

Mr. Joseph J. Mucha came to the Division of Rehabilitation Services (DORS) in

the early 1950’s after leaving high school due to polio. He received extensive

services and financial support from DORS and then went on to night school to

earn a Bachelor’s Degree. In 1952 Mr. Mucha went to work for M.R. Forman and

Son, Inc. in a clerical position. In 1978 he bought the company from the

founders. He successfully operated the Forman Co. from that time until his

death in March 2014.

In 2002 he contacted the Baltimore City DORS office and expressed his

appreciation: “Without the financial support and counseling provided in 1951-

1952, I could not have achieved what I have in life and in business. I will always

have fond memories of Dr. R.C. Thompson and Irwin Medinger, and all of the

other dedicated people at Maryland DORS.”

Subsequently, he made several sizable financial donations to The Friends of The

Workforce & Technology Center

In recognition of his significant achievements and overwhelming generosity, The

Friends of The Workforce & Technology Center will annually honor a DORS

client who becomes successfully self-employed as a business operator and

shows significant potential to maintain and expand the business operation.

The honor includes a plaque and a financial award and is known as the Joseph J.

Mucha Award for Outstanding Achievement as a Business Operator.